Athens, Greece

Witness to Protests in Birthplace of Democracy

Hello to all those who are reading! During our stay in Athens, there was a crash on the train. The aftermath of the crash was an extreme outcry from the public, demanding change. According to my professors at CYA and some other locals, the train system is outdated and has […]

Favorite Places

Hello to all those who are reading!  Within a few days of our arrival in Athens, CYA led a tour around Pangrati, our neighborhood. They showed us the Lexikopoleio bookstore, where we had to buy our books for Greek class. Since then, we have had fun going back to buy […]

Hello from Athens

My name is Rosie Ballmann and I am currently a freshman studying communications at Mount St. Mary’s. I will be the blogging point of contact between Emmitsburg and Athens, Greece. I have always had a great appreciation for the wideness of the world. While I grew up in a small […]

Cradle of Western Civilization

This spring, 13 Mount St. Mary’s students are studying in Athens, Greece under the tutelage of Elaini Tsoukatos as well as College Year in Athens (CYA). Rosie Ballman, a first-year student, will be sharing her experiences with the Mount community through this blog, with a focus on food and cultural […]