Dublin, Ireland

Mount students typically travel to Dublin in the fall semester of odd years

A Guide to Gaelic

Dia dhuit! This week in Dublin we had the opportunity to learn a little bit of the official Irish language, Gaelic (or as you would say in Gaelic, Gaeilge)! This was something I found really cool to learn about because when my dad was growing up in Ireland, he was […]

Need to Get Something off Your Chest?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to #BrewsdayTuesday! Last week was Fall Break for Mount students, and my parents made the journey over to visit me. The three of us left Dublin and spent two nights in Belfast. From there we spent another two nights in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then took a […]

Fàilte gu Cill Chainnigh on #FailteFriday

…that is, Welcome to Kilkenny! If you’re tired of Dublin and the tourist traps, and you’re just looking for a nice day-trip in Ireland, take a look at Kilkenny. It’s a city about an hour’s train ride out of Dublin with Irish Rail through a beautiful countryside. The town itself […]