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Eating with Emma: Brez’n in Berchtesgaden

We took a trip to the small city of Berchtesgaden during our orientation weekend. We visited the Bavarian town on a Sunday so it was very sleepy. We found our way around very easily while virtually being the only tourists there.

It was pretty easy to get to Berchtesgaden from Salzburg. We first took a bus to the train station, then bought the train ticket, and hopped on the train which was about an hour long ride. You can also take a bus to get there, which takes about 45 minutes.

The town is fairly small and is straight uphill from the train station. Once you get up the steep incline, there are churches to visit, shops to look around in, and cafes and biergartens to spend a couple of hours eating or having a drink or two.

Our group decided to spend the afternoon in two different ways. Half of the group went up and visited the Eagle’s Nest which was built to be Hitler’s summer home even though he never lived there. The views are absolutely beautiful.

Another option is to take a short bus ride to Königssee, or King’s Lake, which is what I did.  It is almost like its own little suburb of Berchtesgaden. It has little shops and restaurants, but the main attraction is the lake itself. It is a wonderful area with walking trails, boat rides, and a long dock and sitting area where you can dip your feet in the cold mountain lake.

For dinner, a few of us went to the biergarten at Hotel Königssee that had a nice view of the lake. I ordered a 1 Paar Weißwürst’l mit Brez’n which translates to a pair of sausages “Bavarian style” with pretzel. I was surprised by its presentation! The sausages were served in a small pot of boiling water with the pretzel in a basket with a sauce called Weisswurst Senf which tasted like honey mustard. To drink with my dinner, I ordered a Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgaden pils or pilsner.

My friend Haley ordered what looked like a German style meat and cheese platter. She was able to try all different sorts of cheeses, meats, breads, along with grapes, pickles and onions. Sammy wanted to try out how the Germans served Italian food by ordering some tortellini and also a glass of prosecco. Dr. Kennedy tried Leberkas which had a fried egg on top and tasted like ham. She drank the Berchtesgadener Helles while Kelley ordered the classic Austrian dish, wiener schnitzel, with a glass of Rosé.

The adventures were not over after dinner! As we were on our way to take the bus back to Berchtesgaden from Königssee, we realized we had missed the last bus! Fortunately, we found some helpful men who spoke German who helped us call a taxi… for 15 of us! We ended up having to split up in to four cabs. We were worried we were not going to make it back to the train station in time, but our taxi driver was driving very fast (140 kmh) so we ended up getting back to the train station before the other group! We made our train back to Salzburg for a good night’s sleep before our first day of classes. It was a wonderful adventure and a great way to end our orientation weekend!

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