Buenos Aires, Argentina

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

For our last event together, we went to Buenos Aires’ most iconic and beautiful café: Café Tortoni, a meeting place for famous artists and scholars from all over. We had a reservation for the salon in the back where I felt like we were in an old movie. We parted […]

Argentine Cowgirl

Our visit to Don Silvano Estancia was my favorite day!! We took a private bus to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where we were welcomed to the ranch with empanadas and wine. We went horseback riding around the ranch—my absolute favorite thing because I love horses. Since I had experience […]

A Night at the Theater

As a group we went to Teatro Colón to see the orchestra. Before the concert, the girls and I dressed up and went to have some wine. We looked very fancy since we were going to the theater. The program was only able to find tickets way up high, but […]