Athens, Greece

Reflecting on My Time in Greece

Hello to all those who are reading! I flew back to the U.S. on April 23. It is kind of strange being back in the U.S. I got so used to the time difference that I’m now surprised when people respond to my text messages right away. I also got […]

Island Hopping

Hello to all those who are reading! One of the many amazing things about Greece is the islands. Each island is different from the next, and it makes exploring them so cool! Unfortunately, our trips through CYA did not include any islands. However, many of the students studying abroad in […]

Food and Cuisine Class

Hello to all those who are reading! I have had a lot of fun exploring restaurants, cafes and other places during my food and cuisine class. It is helpful to experience Greek food during class time. When we visited a bougatsariko, I had a great sweet and creamy bougatsa, a […]

The Peloponnese

About halfway through our semester, CYA took us on an excursion to the Peloponnese. This time we went through Delphi and Olympia. The mountainous destinations made for a different experience than our previous trips to the coast. Our first stop was Delphi, where we started at the archeological site and […]


Hello to all those who are reading! One of my favorite parts of our study through CYA is the classes they provide. So far, we have had a cooking class and a Greek dancing class. These classes have been so fun because they help us learn more about Greek culture, […]