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Salzblog 2018 Salzburg, Austria

“Today was a fairy tale”: Emma’s Eats in Hallstatt

Hallstatt is one of the prettiest towns in the world. Its cascading mountains that meet down at a calm lake with a picturesque town make it a photographer’s paradise. When I knew I was coming to Salzburg, I hoped we would make it to Hallstatt because I wanted to see the beauty in person. My expectations were completely blown out of the water; Hallstatt was even more beautiful than I imagined.

In order to get to Hallstatt, we took a train from Salzburg to Hallstatt, which involved making a transfer. Once the train arrived at Hallstatt, we took a boat (Stefanie or La Stefania) across the lake to reach the town. When we first got on the boat, I was already taken aback by the beautiful views. Seeing the town in pictures did not compare to seeing it in real life. I felt like I was in a fairy tale – the town was so picturesque.

Once we reached the town, we started exploring! There are two churches in Hallstatt. One is the Lutheran church which is seen in most of the iconic pictures when you search “Hallstatt” on the internet. The other church is the Catholic Church which also has a separate Beinhaus or bone chapel. The bone chapel was so cool. I did not know there was a bone chapel in Hallstatt so I was surprised when we found it. Roughly 1,200 skulls were in that small church! The pictures above show all of the skulls and bones and how they were arranged. Everything inside was orderly, and it seemed like the skulls had been properly taken care of.

After visiting the churches, we walked along the town and stopped at a certain point where we found a group of people taking pictures. We figured out it was one of the beautiful lookout points in the town so we took the typical “tourist pictures.” After doing a little more window shopping, we discovered Roman ruins that were under a gift shop!

After all of our exploring, we were pretty hungry so we decided to grab a bite to eat at Braugastrof Lobisser Speisen-karte Hallstatt which was a biergarten along the water which had beautiful views of the mountains. We were even visited by a few of the swans in the lake – thankfully they stayed in the water and left us (and our food) alone!

I ordered Schafkäse Spinatstrudel mit Pesto und Pinienkernen which is a feta spinach strudel with pesto. It was so refreshing to order something with spinach – I feel like all I’ve been eating so far on this trip is sausage and bread! I paired this meal with a Stiegl Radler, which tasted so refreshing after walking all over Hallstatt.

Overall, it was a perfect afternoon in Hallstatt. Although we only had four hours in the beautiful town, it was enough time to explore and see everything we wanted to do because the town itself is not that big. Rick Steves even says you can walk it in 15-20 minutes!

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