Author: Gabe

Exploring Ireland’s Literary Legacy

Fáilte ar ais (welcome back)! Ireland has officially entered fall, which means cloudy skies and rain. Two weeks ago, we had a mini heatwave, but the weather has turned on a dime, which I’m often told it does. 79 degrees suddenly dropped into 50! But there’s still plenty to do despite […]

An Excursion to McDonald’s

Dia dhuit (hello)! I know that a huge part of studying abroad is trying all the cultural foods Ireland has to offer (even when that involves just different variations of potatoes and meat). But there’s a lot that can be learned about the eating habits of different countries by going […]

Hello from Ireland!

Hello! My name is Gabe Vilches, and I am a senior at the Mount majoring in English and minoring in History. I’m from Reisterstown, Maryland—but right now, I’m spending my semester in Dublin. Back at the Mount, I edit for our literary magazine, Lighted Corners, and tutor students at the […]