Author: antonio

Hello from Howth!

View of Dublin Bay from the southern side of Howth!   Just northeast of the center of Dublin, there sits an ultra-wealthy yet publicly accessible community called Howth. I decided to visit with some friends one day after getting suggestions from my homestay family along with having the excuse to […]

The Tall Way to Galway

Heuston Train Station in Dublin: A gateway to Galway! I woke up at the crack of dawn to the smell of slightly warmer-than-normal Irish air. Today was the day I was heading to Galway for a two-night stay, planned and organized by the Study Abroad program. The clock read 6:15am, […]

Ireland’s Allure: My Delightful Day in Dublin

Although my first day in this new land yielded little sleep, the third day of my travels thankfully granted me some rest during the night. I remember waking up that next morning to the sounds of children playing in the Irish working-class neighborhood known as Ballymun. There was a beautiful […]

An Interesting Introduction to the Emerald Isle

The plane touched down at exactly 9am Dublin time. Upon leaving the gate, the cool Irish air complimented the sight of green fields and virgin mountains. Just hours before, I was anxiously awaiting my arrival in a new land that I would call home for three months. A few months […]