Author: antonio

The Last Rose of Summer: My final day in Dublin

Fleeting fall fauna filled fantastic fields around the gardens! For my final free day after twelve weeks of studying abroad, I took the time to visit Ireland’s Botanic Gardens. It was a convenient 10-minute bus ride from my homestay, and the weather was rain-free and relatively warm. It was a […]

Fun Times in Finland

Fresh snow and a fantastic journey! As I sat down to eat my ice cream in the IKEA outside of Dublin airport, I contemplated the trip I was about to undertake. Two years ago, I met a Finnish guy on the internet who was a wizard at video editing and […]

A Wonderful day in Waterford!

A wet but welcoming sight! I unceremoniously slept through the entire train ride from Dublin to Waterford, which made me feel like I was teleported to a new southern Irish city. My mother was visiting for the long weekend, and we decided on Waterford for its Viking past and scenic […]

The Beauty of Belfast

City Hall: so empty yet so ornate! Alongside the train to Northern Ireland, flooded fields gave way to Union Jacks flying above the roofs of seemingly endless townhomes. I got an alert on my phone from my wireless company stating “Welcome to the UK.” This preplanned weekend trip to Belfast […]

The Day at Dublin Zoo

The Path to adventure awaits! As I hailed a cab right around the corner from Christchurch Cathedral, I wondered to myself if the trip to Dublin Zoo today was still a good idea considering the cloudy weather. As I stepped into the cab, I tried to make conversation with the […]