Author: Brayden

Jesus, I trust in You!

Welcome back to my blog! This week will be my final post. Before I begin, I want to say a personal thank you to everyone who read these posts every week. It was such fun going on this study-abroad journey with all my readers; I hope to do another study-abroad […]

Reflections of Being Exhausted!

Hello everyone to my second-to-last blog post! (*) This week was not particularlyeventful. I ended up leaving Florence earlier than expected (April 22nd instead of what Ioriginally planned, which was the 29th), so I had to move fast to get everything packed up, etc.Upon getting back, I have been a […]

Pilgrimage to Assisi

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great Holy Week and Triduum. For Easter Vigil, I was able to take part in a beautiful and very solemn service at a church called Santi Apostoli (one of the oldest churches in Florence). As for Easter Sunday, I tried to go to […]

My Big Fat Greek Trip!

Hello everyone! From this week’s title, you can probably tell that I went to Greece last week. I am incredibly grateful to say I had the opportunity to visit Greece for ten days (even though two of these days were taken up by a ferry ride, haha). Specifically, I visited […]

The Symbolism of the Lion of St. Mark

Hi everyone! This week, I went to Venice and took a day trip to Chianti for wine-tasting. The views of both places, but especially Venice, were stunning. Although I say this in almost every post, I am incredibly grateful to be able to see these kinds of places. While in […]