Author: Meghan

Reflecting on Italian Food Culture

Ciao everyone! I am so happy that you decided to join me again for #ReflectionFriday. Today, I will be sharing a reflection that I shared with my good friend Keagan about what living in Italy for the past two months has been like! With our spring break adventures coming to […]

Spring Break By The Lake!

Bentornato wonderful readers; and once again, welcome back to my blog! I missed writing for you all last week, but have been beyond excited to share my first ever college Spring Break experience with you! Spring Break was one of many things that students did not get to enjoy last […]

Roaming Around Roma!

Ciao everyone, and welcome back to the blog! I have a lot of exciting adventures in store, as today, I will be reflecting on my past weekend in Rome! This trip is one that I have been reflecting on all week, as we did and saw so so much in […]

Duomo, David, & Dante, Oh My!

Welcome back everybody and thank you so much for deciding to join me again on #ReflectionFriday!! I absolutely loved reflecting on my first week in Florence with you guys and am extremely excited to do so throughout the rest of the semester! Today, my bike took me to an incredible […]

My First Week Back in Florence!

Benvenuto friends, family, and fellow travelers of our incredibly beautiful world! My name is Meghan Fleming, and I could not be more excited to share my study abroad experience with you over the next few months on #ReflectionFriday! Florence is a place that I hope everybody reading gets the chance […]