Author: Meghan

The Greatest Gift I Brought Back from Italy

Ciao everyone! I’d like to welcome you back, one last time, to my blog, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along with my adventures around Europe over the past three months. After many exciting, action-packed weeks in Italy, my semester abroad has sadly come to […]

Wrapping Up Our Semester Abroad!

Ciao everyone and welcome back to my blog! I have absolutely loved writing about my experiences in Italy these past several months and find it so hard to believe that this weekend will mark the end of my semester abroad! Although we Mount Study Abroad students have limited days left, […]

Reflecting on my Favorite Day Trips! 

Ciao everyone, and thank you for returning to #ReflectionFriday, where today, I will be reflecting on one of my top five favorite weekends of my study abroad experience! This is a big statement considering all of the amazing trips Mount students have taken together over the past two months. However, […]

Reflecting on my Lenten Retreat!

Buonasera Bellissima readers, and welcome to this week’s blog, where today, I will be reflecting on the transformative retreat that I had the privilege of attending last weekend! This experience is one that I have grown very eager to share, as it reminded me of the purpose of Lent and […]

A Weekend in Paris!

Bonjour beautiful readers and welcome back! If you guessed that France was the European country I was visiting next, you guessed correctly! Paris has always been a place on my bucket list that I knew I wanted to visit one day, and that day came a lot sooner than I […]