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Reflecting on My Time in Greece

Hello to all those who are reading!

I flew back to the U.S. on April 23. It is kind of strange being back in the U.S. I got so used to the time difference that I’m now surprised when people respond to my text messages right away. I also got used to life in the city.

Returning to a rural area in Maryland was strange for me after I got used to the bustling city life, constant people and car sounds and proximity to everything I needed. I feel like I am moving much slower now than I was in Athens. While I miss city life, it has been nice to relax in nature and visit with my family and friends again.

I find myself referencing my trip and experiences fondly. I learned so much in Greece. Outside of class, I gained a lot of practical and worldly experience. I think this experience was also important for me in determining where I want to go with my life and career path.

This program worked well for me and my major so I’m grateful that I was able to take this opportunity. The school’s partnership with CYA in Athens provided so many resources that helped us during the trip.

During this trip, I grew in ways that I hadn’t thought about before. Having the opportunity to live in another country while studying gave me a completely new perspective, and it helped me to think about the world on a deeper level.

Frankly, when I first got to Greece and started learning about the history and culture, my knowledge was limited to myths and the few events that were mentioned briefly in American textbooks. However, being placed outside of the United States gave me a huge chance to learn about different parts of the world and parts of history and culture that might not be covered outside of Greece.

I will carry the things I have learned with me throughout my life. This study abroad opportunity gave me a chance to explore and reflect in a way that will definitely help me in the future. I am also grateful to everyone who helped me with this journey; I could not have done it without their support. Truly, Greece was great, and I am so happy that I was able to go!

I hope you enjoyed my blog!

Thank you for reading and goodbye,

Rosie Ballmann

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