Florence, Italy

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Differences in Restaurant Culture in Florence

Welcome back to Feasts of Florence! As I mentioned in my first blog, last week we got the chance to visit two different vineyards, one of which, Castello del Trebbio, was formerly owned by both the Pazzi and Medici families. Chianti is the type of wine produced in this region […]

Ciao, benvenuto nel mio blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Amara Jerome and I will be spending this semester in Florence, Italy. I am a junior at the Mount majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology, as well as minoring in Human Services and Marketing. I decided to study abroad this semester to […]

Ciao! Greetings from Florence!

My name is Rebekah Balick and welcome to #WednesdaysWithaView! I cannot wait to share all these amazing Florence experiences with you through this blog. In the two weeks since landing and moving into our lovely apartment, each moment has had a different adventure to offer. I have seen and done […]