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What It’s Really Like to Travel to Italy

Hello friends, and welcome back! Sad to say, today marks our last blog post for #WednesdayswithaView. I’ve had such a good time writing this blog and sharing these memories with you all, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well despite the drastic mid-semester change of pace. Today I’m going […]

Tips for Planning a Trip To Italy

So, you’re sitting in your home, done with the day’s Zoom calls and remote work, no doubt in your pajamas, debating if you should watch Netflix or just scroll Twitter for that evening’s entertainment. But right now, neither of these activities really excite you, and you’d rather dream of something […]

My Wednesday “View” At Home

Greetings from my home to yours! I hope you and all of your families and friends are safe and healthy and that you aren’t going too crazy with all this time at home. From my perspective—my “view”, if you will—things are going well. I’m currently writing on my porch in […]

A View of My Last Days in Florence

Once again, we’re back with #WednesdayswithaView! As you all know, we are back from Italy and have returned to life at home. From here on out, this blog will be taking a bit of a different direction. I’ll be giving you some insight on what it was like to leave […]

#WednesdaysWithAView of Art!

Welcome back! It has been about three weeks since our return from Italy, and though it still stings to have had to leave, writing this blog is a great way to look back on the memories. Sad to say, this post will be the last one featuring pictures from Italy […]