Author: rebekah

A View of My Last Days in Florence

Once again, we’re back with #WednesdayswithaView! As you all know, we are back from Italy and have returned to life at home. From here on out, this blog will be taking a bit of a different direction. I’ll be giving you some insight on what it was like to leave […]

#WednesdaysWithAView of Art!

Welcome back! It has been about three weeks since our return from Italy, and though it still stings to have had to leave, writing this blog is a great way to look back on the memories. Sad to say, this post will be the last one featuring pictures from Italy […]

The Hills and Heights of Assisi

#WednesdayswithaView is back with another adventure! Once again, we’re headed outside of Florence for this week’s special views. This past weekend, my roommate Kim and I decided to take our first overnight trip out of Florence and head to Assisi for three days. Located in the region of Umbria, Assisi […]