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Salzblog 2018 Salzburg, Austria

Drinking Culture in Austria: Grace’s View

Drinking is such a big part of American culture. On average, a single American consumes 774 servings of alcohol each year, according to the National Institute of Health.

Why is drinking in America so different compared to drinking in other countries? In Salzburg, Austria, I will be studying the History of Brewing, and to go along with my newly acquired knowledge of beer and brewing in Europe, I will be writing this blog to observe the differences in the drinking cultures in America versus Austria.

With the help of a few classmates and faculty, this travel blog has been created to enlighten students on what happens overseas and in study abroad programs. As I previously mentioned, my blog posts will focus on the drinking culture in Austria. More specifically, I would like to raise questions about the differences in countries drinking habits. Coming from a college student’s perspective, I will aim to answer these questions and provide different ways to enjoy drinking.

Immersing myself in the culture and having some experienced help will definitely make this blog more interesting. I expect that my trip will be eye opening and give me the chance to expand my cultural awareness. We will travel to Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany, along with many other unique and beautiful cities. I want to experience Europe in a fun and exciting way, and I expect that this study abroad program will help me do just that.

To better understand the knowledge I will be pulling from to write my posts, keep in mind that I am a rising senior at the Mount. I am working to earn a bachelor’s degree in Communication and have two concentrations within my major in both Public Relations and Human Communication.

Around the Mount, I write for The Mountain Echo, our school newspaper. I am the new writing intern for the Mount Career Center and I will start this fall. I have previously interned with Johns Hopkins University, Devaney and Associates Inc., and the Mount. I have been working in the writing center at the Mount since the start of my junior year.

In my free time, I do typical college student things. I procrastinate, hang out with friends, and then rush to get all my work done the best I can. I consider the Mount my second home and am elated to have the opportunity to travel with some classmates and faculty to continue my studies in Europe. I hope this blog not only excites you about new ways to enjoy drinking, but also culturally educates you through brewing and beer.

To stay up to speed on my beer-blog, check out my posts each week. You can also follow the Mount’s new travel Instagram (@msmutravels) to see what I (and my classmates) will be doing over the next month.

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