Salzblog 2018 Salzburg, Austria

Food, Fun, and the Festungsbahn: Emma’s Austrian Adventures

Hi everyone! My name is Emma, and I am a rising junior at the Mount studying Communication and Business. I love learning about other people and different cultures, which is one of the reasons why I decided to study abroad in Salzburg, Austria for the month of June along with a group of students from the Mount.

I grew up in a small town in Virginia, so I have always wanted to get out and travel outside of my hometown environment. My mom would always take my brother and me on day trips or weekend trips to keep us entertained when we were younger. My parents always loved to travel so we have been on several family vacations all around the United States. Some of my favorite places that I have traveled in the US are the Grand Canyon, New York City, and the Florida Keys.

This will be my first time studying abroad, but not my first time traveling outside of the United States. The summer of my senior year of high school, I traveled to London, England for a week with my Girl Scout Troop (we sold so many cookies to fund that trip) and after that I was bit by the travel bug. Ever since that trip, I have been itching to break out my passport again. When the opportunity came for me to go on this trip to Salzburg, I knew I had to take it!

In this blog, I hope to share about my trip through the lifestyle lens: what we’re eating, what we’re studying, what we’re seeing, and where we’re going! When I was doing a little bit of travel research on the internet and Pinterest in preparation for this trip, I loved reading blogs about the top 10 things to do in a city, people’s packing lists, or recommendations for restaurants that the locals actually eat in! It makes me feel like I can live vicariously through them and their adventures. I hope to provide the same kind of content through this blog.

In addition to my personal blog posts, I will be blogging with three friends who also go to the Mount so you can read all about their experience in Austria too! Each of us are going to be writing about different aspects of our trip, so you can get an overall feel of multiple experiences. We also are going to be posting to the Mount Travel Instagram (@msmutravels) so you can keep up with all our adventures there too! Check out my posts about all the foods we eat by following #FoodieFridays.

I am super excited for this opportunity and think it will be the experience of a lifetime! I’m so thankful that I am able to document my trip in this way and share it will all of you!

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