Salzblog 2018 Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Through a Lens: Haley’s View

Ever since I was young, I had a strong desire to capture the beauty of my surrounding environments through the lens of a camera. I longed to share that beauty with others and help them see a photograph’s content as a wonderful reality.

Once I invested in my first camera, I immediately experimented with various types of photography. From wildlife to portraits to telephotography, I challenged myself in the field and collected an array of knowledge and experience quickly. I knew there was something missing, however, and I realized that I had yet to photograph a foreign setting while traveling abroad.

Alongside my passion for photography, I always had a lust for wander – seeking an adventure, preparing to explore, and yearning to experience.

When I began my Mount career, I knew studying abroad was an option for me; London was my first choice, but fell through suddenly.

Unsure of where to move forward from there, I had many classmates and friends approach me about the summer trip to Salzburg, Austria during the week of the trip’s deadline. Austria was never a place I had heard of much…until then.

After doing the research and talking to those involved with the trip, I had decided within a mere five days to head to Salzburg. Ultimately, my dream to travel (and photograph) came true and conquered the limitations I had before me.

Soon after my decision, I, alongside three creative and bright classmates, created the “Salzblog” with the support of Mount faculty.

Through the blog, I intend to photograph various aspects of Austrian culture and reveal these aspects from an unique, yet relatable, point of view. Whether it is a photo documenting the social atmosphere of the Old Town or a sweeping landscape shot of the Alps, I will use my photography and writing as a way to highlight the ins and outs of our adventures in Salzburg.

At the Mount, I serve as the Community Editor for the Mountain Echo, our school newspaper; work with the Admissions office as a Mount Ambassador Coordinator; and mentor incoming students as a part of a campus-wide program called CSES (Center for Students Engagement and Success). I am studying to complete my bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Writing, while also minoring in Business and Theology.

I enjoy spending my time outside and admiring Mary’s mountain, which I am proud to call my second home. I am an avid watcher of Gilmore Girls and never turn down the chance to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot tea. Smiling, laughing, and sharing joy with each person I encounter are my favorite things to do.

Now, we are one day away from departure. My bags are packed, my emotions are stirring, and my hands eagerly await the camera and every opportunity I will have to share the charm of Austria with you all.

To get a look at some of Austria’s most stunning sites, check back in each week for new images! Make sure to check out Kelley’s, Emma’s, and Grace’s blogs as well. Follow @msmutravels on Instagram for quick views of our travels, and my personal hashtag #WasIstDasWednesday.

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