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Eats with Emma: Top 5 Austrian Comfort Foods at Stiegl

Stiegl Brauerei has been a place where we have spent a lot of time this month. We took a tour of the brewery, spent afternoons relaxing in their beer garden, and dined in the evenings in their restaurant eating and watching the FIFA World Cup.

Although Stiegl is known for their beer, they have much more than that! Their brewery is complete with a bar and restaurant seating in addition to the beer garden, with lots of space to try their beers and eat some traditional Austrian food. Their menu is extensive with lots of options for all types of eaters, complete with traditional Austrian comfort foods. Another great thing about their menu is that they offer food pairings that specifically go with their beers.

Having spent some time here trying various dishes (and drinks), here is my list of the top 5 Austrian comfort foods at Stiegl Brewery!

  1. Austrian Kasnockn

austrian kasnockn

My favorite traditional Austrian dish at Stiegl Brewery was the Austrian Kasnockn which is spätzel baked with cheese and roasted onions and served with a green salad. The Stiegl Kasnockn comes in a cast-iron skillet which makes its appearance especially aesthetically pleasing. The dish is the Austrian take on the American classic macaroni and cheese, but instead of noodles, the dish features spätzel which are little boiled dumplings made out of egg noodles. They are local to Germany and Austria. The dish has dumplings, cheese, and roasted onions – need I say more about comfort? This meal definitely filled me up, and I needed help from my friends to finish it!

  1. Innviertel Dumplings


Another Austrian comfort favorite that I tried at the Stiegl Brewery was the Innviertel Dumplings: greaves, bacon, and fried dumplings on sauerkraut with beer gravy. Doesn’t that sound divine? I had this on a day that was colder and rainy in Salzburg; the dumplings definitely hit the spot and warmed me up. Each dumpling was filled with various meats so it was kind of like a little surprise when I took a bite! They kind of reminded me of pierogi, but they were definitely more rich and decadent. The sauerkraut added the perfect bite of tanginess to complement the hearty dumplings.

  1. Salzburg Beer Ragout

beer ragout

Next up on the comfort food list is the Salzburg Beer Ragout (pronounced like the spaghetti sauce brand, Ragu) which includes beef and pork cooked in beer with potato dumplings and root vegetables. It was so refreshing to order something with vegetables on the menu, but don’t let this dish fool you – it is still a comfort food! The pieces of onions, carrots, and celery were served under a mountain of hearty potato dumplings. The vegetables and beef and pork nuggets immersed in the beer gravy and topped with herbs make this meal number 3 on my top 5 Austrian comfort foods list.

  1. Wiener Schnitzel

wiener schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is one of the iconic Austrian dishes, so it is no surprise that Stiegl has it on their menu! It consists of breaded pork cutlet with cranberries and parsley potatoes or French fries. This Austrian specialty reminded me of chicken tenders! I chose to order it with French fries, so it almost felt like Austrian fast food. It has been a hit among our group – on our last outing to Stiegl, three of my friends ordered it. It was definitely delicious!

  1. Brauwelt Chocolate Staircase

chocolate stair case

Meat and dumplings have been a common theme in this post, but if you have a sweet tooth, then order the Brauwelt Chocolate Staircase! It is a chocolate cake served on a ragout of berries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. This was the perfect dessert to finish off our meals at Stiegl! The cake was almost like a mousse because it was so moist; and paired with the berry ragout and ice cream, it tasted so decadent!

haley and dr k with chocolate staircase

As our time in Salzburg is coming to a close, I am happy to have been to experience Austria’s food culture. You can learn a lot about a country through their food and drinking culture, and I have thoroughly enjoyed documenting my food experiences through this blog! Be sure to keep up with the Mount’s travel Instagram, @msmutravels, and check back tomorrow for the last Brews with Grace post and next week for our post-trip experiences!

emma and grace at stiegl

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