Author: Emma

The Echo Abroad: Warming Up to the Cold in Dublin

The following article was printed in the 2nd edition of this year’s Mountain Echo by Staff Writer Chloe Corwin, who is the Study Abroad Correspondent for the trip to Dublin this semester. Now that the students of the 2019 fall Study Abroad trip to Dublin, Ireland have gained their bearings […]

Why Every College Student Should Study Abroad

After studying abroad for the fall semester in Prague, Czech Republic, and before that for a month this past summer in Salzburg, Austria, I am convinced that every college student needs to study abroad during their time in college. I am extremely grateful that I have had these two opportunities […]

Emma’s Budget Travel Guide: Part 2

Welcome back to the blog! I will round out my budget travel guide in this post with my best tips and tricks for how to save money on tourist attractions and sightseeing as well as some tips for finding delicious and cheap eats! I will insert different pictures of my […]