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Emma’s Budget Travel Guide: Part 2

Welcome back to the blog! I will round out my budget travel guide in this post with my best tips and tricks for how to save money on tourist attractions and sightseeing as well as some tips for finding delicious and cheap eats! I will insert different pictures of my favorite attractions and memories from the weekend trips that I have taken this semester.

So now that you’ve read Part 1 and you have planned your budget transportation and accommodation, it is time to start thinking about what you want to do when you reach your destination. As always, different cities have different tourist sites and attractions, so depending on which city you visit will depend on how much you need to budget for sightseeing costs.

Money Saving Tips for Sightseeing while Traveling

1. Do your research.

This might seem obvious, but it is the first step to sticking to your budget which makes it really important. This research can take many different forms: Search the internet, read travel guides such as Rick Steves, find inspiration on Pinterest, look on social media, and even talk to friends who have traveled to your destination. Start to make a list of your “must see” sights and their costs.

2. Check for discounts.

This also might seem obvious, but sometimes it requires some digging! Attractions in Europe especially come with various types of “reduced tickets” and some might apply to you! There are student discounts, discounts for children and the elderly, and sometimes certain attractions are free on certain days of the month. Museums and historical sites also have discounts for student groups and teachers. In addition, some cities offer a pass that will combine the most popular attractions such as museums and sights with public transportation. Again, do your research to see if this type of deal would fit what you want to do.

3. Buy in advance.

This tip will not only save you money, but it will often save you time! Buying tickets in advance online will serve you in the long run because you will be able to bypass the line while others wait to buy them the day of. This can save you money too because sometimes museums or experiences will have a discount for buying the ticket on their website as opposed to buying it the day of.

4. Choose what to splurge on.

This is the final step because there are some things that are worth paying the extra penny for. For example, when we were in Budapest, we knew we wanted to visit the Széchenyi thermal baths. They only had one type of entrance ticket with no discounts, but it wasn’t a problem since we budgeted for everything else on the trip. Also, it helps that Budapest is a cheap city to travel to compared to the United States.

How to Eat on a Budget while Traveling

1. See tips above.

It is simple to keep to a budget with regards to food while traveling. Follow my tips on sightseeing and just apply it to food! Do your research, ask for recommendations, see if you need to make a reservation, and decide to splurge on a nice meal once in a while.

2. Have discipline.

Yes, it is tempting to want to eat at every fancy restaurant, café, and doughnut shop you walk by; but have discipline, and make every meal and snack you have count by following my money saving tips!

3. Don’t rule out street food!

Many times it is actually very tasty and will be a cheaper option than most restaurants.

One specific tip with regard to food: Try to find places outside of the city center. Often local and cheaper restaurants are a little outside of the city center since all of the restaurants in the center will be for tourists and therefore the prices will be a lot higher.

Well, there you have it. I hope that you’ve found these tips helpful and can keep them in mind when planning your next trip!

We are nearing the end of our time here in Prague, and this blog has been one of my favorite parts of the trip. Thank you for reading! Make sure to Czech back on the blog tomorrow for Jeremiah’s #TuneinThursday, and follow us over on Instagram – @MSMUtravels

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