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Top 5 Things I’m Glad I Packed for My Study Abroad Semester

One of the most stressful things that happens before your study abroad semester is the packing stage. Packing for three months, taking into account the weather, and thinking of different destinations you will travel to can be daunting and overwhelming!

With our last week abroad coming to a close, I am happy to say that I don’t think I overpacked for this experience. In this post, I will detail a few items that I’m definitely glad I packed for my trip. I think that everyone should keep these things in mind when studying abroad.

The first thing I’m glad I was packed was my travel pillow. It may seem obvious, but it sure helped out to on my long flights, bus rides, and travel days. I brought it on every trip that I went on, even just on bus and train rides. Another reason I brought it on trips was to use wherever I stayed. Sometimes the Airbnbs we stayed in did not have the best pillows, so I would use it to sleep. Below is a selfie of our bus rides to Oktoberfest. My travel pillow made the 6 hour bus ride bearable!

On the way to Oktoberfest in Munich – it was a 6 hour bus ride!

Another kitchen item I packed was Ziploc bags. To be honest, I only brought these because my mom told me I should. You know what they say: Moms are always right! And you know what? They were so useful! I used almost the entire box throughout my time here in Prague for random different food items and other things. I know it sounds super weird, but they were so useful to have in our apartment.

I had to include my most worn pair of shoes and item of clothing in this post. Before this trip, I bought a pair of black slip on shoes that are like vans. I got them for $20 at Target and honestly it was the best purchase I made for this trip. I wore these shoes everywhere, and they were great for walking. I could wear them during the day and all throughout the night. The clothing item I single-handedly wore the most was my denim jacket. It was the perfect jacket to wear while traveling. It goes with lots of different outfits and you can where it during the day as well as at nighttime. Below are some of the different ways I styled my denim jacket and black shoes:

The final item I’m glad I packed was my backpack. I would use this for class and for my weekend trips. It was the perfect size to carry everything I needed for a weekend and was better than a small suitcase or duffel bag because it was easy to carry on my back so my hands were free. Below is a picture of us carrying our backpacks around Krakow, Poland.

Our backpacks came in super hand as we traveled around Krakow

As our semester here comes to a close, I’m getting ready to pack up all of these items and fly back home. Stay tuned for Jeremiah’s post tomorrow, and make sure to Czech back to the blog next week for my last post for this semester!

This place has become like a second home for us. Farewell, Prague!

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