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My Wednesday “View” At Home

Greetings from my home to yours! I hope you and all of your families and friends are safe and healthy and that you aren’t going too crazy with all this time at home. From my perspective—my “view”, if you will—things are going well. I’m currently writing on my porch in the sun, and I’m hoping that we get sunny days more often; with so little to do, going outside is one of the only things that shakes up the routine (or lack thereof).

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Despite missing Florence, life at home hasn’t been too bad. In addition to bringing myself physically back from Florence, I’ve also brought back many of the habits I developed there and done my best to incorporate them into my life and share them with others.  For example, my dad and I recently dug out our family’s old espresso maker and figured out how to use it, and the taste of that bitter coffee has brought my favorite piece of the Italian routine into my kitchen. In addition to the espresso, a week or two ago I treated my family to a multi-course Italian dinner using recipes we learned from our cooking class back in Florence. The pasta and ragù sauce were delicious (despite a slight mishap with the salt) and I will extol the wonders of good bread and olive oil to anyone who will listen.

Another thing I brought back from Florence: walking. I had never lived in a city until Florence, but after living in one for five weeks, I am firmly convinced of the benefits of walking everywhere you go. Since I live in an area where precisely nothing is within walking distance—even when there are places open to walk to—I have begun taking daily walks up and down my street, sometimes with my siblings in tow. Even when this pandemic is over, I hope to continue my walking habit as I have found it incredibly refreshing. If you find yourself bored out of your mind one of these days, I highly recommend it.

Schoolwork has been a little challenging now that all of my classes are totally online, though to be honest it’s not too different from the workload in Florence (though without the personal tours of landmarks). Between completing assignments, I’ve been writing up a complete log of all of our Italian adventures in my personal journal to ensure that the memories stay with me for a long, long time.

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After visiting the Uffizi, Accademia, and all the other museums in Florence, I also returned with a desire to rekindle my own artistic interests and have begun sketching and painting some of my pictures from the trip. I now have more time to draw than I have ever had before, and maybe soon I’ll have a little sketchbook to accompany my journal with images of all our adventures.  

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Bringing little bits of Florence into my daily life has helped tremendously with transitioning back and also has kept me from total boredom. I’m very lucky to have a lovely, lively family and great friends who have supported me, and we’ve all commiserated many times about the effects of this pandemic. Though it has been difficult at times having everyone at home, I’m grateful that we’re all safe and doing our best to make it work.

Easter is arriving at the end of this week for those of you who celebrate it, and though I know this is most certainly not the Easter anyone wanted, I invite you all to try and find a way to make it special. Don’t forget to contact family and friends who may be lonely or struggling, especially elderly relatives. I’m hoping that the blessings from this Easter bring an end to the pandemic and quick recovery for all!

That’s about all I have for this week—I hope you enjoyed this little update! Next week I’ll be sharing some tips on travel, so if you feel the need to get a jumpstart on planning your vacation for once all this is over, stay tuned for next week. Don’t forget to check out the other posts on this blog—there’s some unique perspectives being shared that are sure to interest you. And as always, stay healthy! Thanks for stopping by #WednesdayswithaView.

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