Dublin 2019

Exploring Ireland’s Ancient Mysteries

There are only a handful of structures in the world that can withstand the test of time, holding together thousands of years after they were originally built. The pyramids, the Colosseum, Stonehenge… many of these are names that everyone has heard. A quick Wikipedia search suggests that humans have been […]

Jamming Out at Jameson on this #BrewsdayTuesday!

Welcome to the newest #BrewsdayTuesday post! Today I will share my experience I had at the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street in Dublin. Jameson, along with Guinness, is one of the most recognizable Irish brands and their logo is easily found all over the city. I prefer a pint of […]

Come Visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin!

Welcome back to #FailteFridays! Next up on our list of historical places to visit is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. The location of the cathedral is important in two ways. First, the cathedral was built on the same site of a church that was constructed by the King of Scotland. […]

A Guide to Gaelic

Dia dhuit! This week in Dublin we had the opportunity to learn a little bit of the official Irish language, Gaelic (or as you would say in Gaelic, Gaeilge)! This was something I found really cool to learn about because when my dad was growing up in Ireland, he was […]