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#BrewsdayTuesday with a side of Jazz

Hello all, and welcome back to the latest edition of #BrewsdayTuesday! This week’s post is going to highlight my visit to the annual Jazz Festival held in County Cork, Ireland. Cork is two and half hours away from Dublin by train and is home to a Jazz Festival that dates back to 1978. Hundreds of jazz bands from all over come and preform at the festival. There are headliners that require pre-booked tickets, but there are lots of other bands that play in the pubs that are free to watch.

The logo for the Cork Jazz festival

My friends Maggie, Charlie, and I made the journey down to Cork for a quick weekend trip. However, we left wishing we could stay much longer. We got in in the early afternoon and the festival had just started. Most of the jazz could be found on Oliver Plunkett Road which featured pub after pub playing live jazz music. It was the perfect place to execute a pub crawl! Each pub had jazz bands that offered their own taste of jazz. One pub in particular stood out to us during our time in Cork.

The Old Oak was packed of people of all age groups wanting to hear some fantastic jazz music

The Old Oak Pub located on Oliver Plunkett Street, was where we spent most of our time. The pub had a large stage with a dance floor for people to enjoy the bands. Thankfully the pub had dozens of flat screens TV showing the performance because the place was absolutely packed. Between the jazz playing and the pint glass emptying, the Old Oak was the place to be! By the end of the night we listened to three different bands all playing classics like “Fly Me to the Moon,” “Play that Funky Music,” “Superstition,” and “When the Saints Go Marching In.”


What I liked best about each performance was the use of instruments such as trumpets, tubas, and saxophones; these are instruments that aren’t typically used in pubs. Whenever I come back to Ireland, I will definitely try my best to schedule my trip around the festival because it was a great experience!

My friends Maggie and Charlie all agree that our time in Cork will be one of favorite times spent in Ireland!

Thank you for reading about our adventure to Cork’s Jazz Festival and please don’t forget to like the photos on Instagram-@MSMUTravels. Tune in next week when Halloween takes over, and I go drink some “boos” at the pubs!

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