Author: Sam

Last Call for this #BrewsdayTuesday

Hello and welcome to the last post of #BrewsdayTuesday! I hope you all had as much fun reading my blog as I had writing it! After being home for a few weeks, I had some time to reflect on my time abroad in Ireland. These past 90 days have been […]

Our First Post in Temple Bar on this #BrewsdayTuesday!

Hello and welcome to another edition of #BrewsdayTuesday! This is a special posting because this highlights a trip to Dublin’s famous Temple Bar District. Before I talk more about that, it is with great honor and privilege for me to introduce a very good friend of mine, Ian Carroll C’19! […]

Spooky Season on #BrewsdayTuesday

Hello and welcome to this spooky version of #BrewsdayTuesday! Halloween, which originates from Ireland, is a heavily celebrated holiday here in Dublin. Costume shops have suddenly popped up all over town, decorations can be seen everywhere, and jack-o-lanterns are found on every doorstep. The pubs especially embrace the Halloween fever. […]

#BrewsdayTuesday with a side of Jazz

Hello all, and welcome back to the latest edition of #BrewsdayTuesday! This week’s post is going to highlight my visit to the annual Jazz Festival held in County Cork, Ireland. Cork is two and half hours away from Dublin by train and is home to a Jazz Festival that dates […]

Jamming Out at Jameson on this #BrewsdayTuesday!

Welcome to the newest #BrewsdayTuesday post! Today I will share my experience I had at the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street in Dublin. Jameson, along with Guinness, is one of the most recognizable Irish brands and their logo is easily found all over the city. I prefer a pint of […]