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Welcome to #KavaMondays!

Welcome to Kava Mondays – The weekly brewed blog that takes you through various coffee shops across Prague, Czech Republic.  The featured image for this post is an aesthetically pleasing cup of Café Latte from the local MamaCoffee Café.

However, we’ll try not to focus too much on the caffeine packed cup-of-joe and will turn most of our attention to the good stuff: Prague, coffee, and life!  My goal is to entice you, the reader, to obtain a curiosity about the world; and moreover, find an interest to broaden your horizons and take that leap of faith to see how amazing the study abroad experience really is for yourself!

Streetview in Prague
Karlovo Namestí – a view down the street from our home away from home.

Now that I have grasped your attention (hopefully), allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jeremy Guzmán, a senior studying Sport Management at Mount St. Mary’s University. This will be my second time studying abroad in Prague and third time in Europe in the last two years. Throughout these past couple years, I have traveled to: Prague, Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Italy, and Vatican City – just to name a few.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a slight obsession with traveling and experiencing new cultures throughout the world. And I think it is my obligation to share a piece of this obsession with you.

The following is what you should expect from me on a weekly basis:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing pictures always!
         This is a must!
  2. Extremely quaint/hipster cafes are essential!
         I will try my best to not bore you with the same touristy Starbucks-like, sugared down coffee shops we’re all used to in the States. These cafes will make you a new-found coffee lover, I promise!
  3. Topics will vary.
         Although I will primarily focus on the amazing cups of coffee you unfortunately can’t try yet, I will tend to switch topics quite frequently. For example, one week we may discuss Prague’s diverse culture, another week we may slow things down and talk about how influential this experience has been on my life and how it may affect you as well.

The sky is the limit!

I can assure you, by the time you’re done reading you’ll be pumped to start your day, and hopefully begin to plan your future Euro trip!

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