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Protecting your Energies on #TuneInThursdays

This week’s blog isn’t necessarily about music, but more so about things I am finding that are important to keep in mind for anybody pursuing any field.

It has been a little over a month since I arrived in the Czech Republic and with God guiding me throughout the city streets, I am keeping my goals and dreams alive and my eyes open to any possibilities that come my way. I am trying to stay open to opportunities to inform people of my talents and looking for places to perform while I’m here. One thing I have learned is that if you actively search for something, these things will start appearing as you adjust your approach and broaden your reach.

The same is true with my building a fan base in the Czech Republic. It is important to understand that God may show you doors, but it is up to you to walk to and through those doors. It is also important to be cautious of what doors you find on your own while searching for the right one. Not every opportunity is a good one, and not every energy is safe to mix with your own.

prague castle doors
Outside of Prague Castle. Which doors are being opened for you?

I have encountered many people who have wanted to help me with my journey and just simply want more of my time because of the person I am. If I am not aware of the direction I am headed and the people I allow into my space, then that can negatively affect my growth and pursuit of my goals. For those pursuing their own personal passions, please remember that things don’t happen until you do them; when one door closes two more open up, and not every door and opportunity is one worth pursuing.

One thing that is great about figuring these things out while I’m studying abroad is to be surrounded by friends from the Mount. We have a big group of Mountaineers studying here and I’m enjoying getting to know people better. Last week, a group of us went out to celebrate my 21st birthday together! It’s important to remember to surround yourself with people who will help you to protect your energies and build you up while you continue to pursue your passions.

Next week, we’re on Fall Break so many of us will be traveling while we’re out of class. Make sure to come back for my next #TuneInThursday post on October 18.

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