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Thankful for Prague with J3RRY HOMES

Our group has been back in the US for just under a week – we returned just in time for us to be with our families and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s also given me some time to reflect on this whole experience.

Now is the time to strategize and reflect on the direction my life has taken me. Through my desires and curiosity, I have been able to achieve many things that I am proud of. Not only did I achieve my goal of performing my own music in another country, but I was able to perform 4 different times. That doesn’t include the times I freestyled at jam sessions at various bars and hangout spots around Prague. I made a lot of connections and grew relationships while living in the city. I may even have places to perform again whenever I return to the Czech Republic. Since I’m back home from what seemed like a vacation, it’s time to focus and create.

I experienced much on this trip, and I want to incorporate those experiences into my music. I have many unfinished tracks and collaborations yet to hit the surface. It will be my last semester when I return to the Mount in January, so I need to use these 2 months home wisely and continue to build a professional career for myself.

The last night we were in Prague, I was stopped in the streets by someone who had seen my performance at “Studio Savec 7” which happened a couple weeks before. That wasn’t the first time I had been stopped and complimented for my music. If  I can cause a wave in the city of Prague with my music, then I will do the same in other major cities. I want to grow the reach of my music and sustain a flourishing life with my music. I believe that these things are possible with hard work and precise movements. That is why these past few days being back home have been nice. Seeing my loved ones and thinking about my future can really consume your time and your mind. I’m thankful for the experience and ready to see what comes next.



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