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#WhatstheCraic: Adventures in Blarney

Dia duit! Or as we say in English, Hello! Congratulations, you’ve been randomly selected to join me in my magical adventure to Blarney. You’re probably wondering where exactly Blarney is. Blarney is a town located outside the city of Cork, which is on the southwestern side of Ireland. This town is more rural than the city centre in Dublin but is decorated similarly. On this trip, we get to visit Blarney Castle! This beautiful castle was built in 1446 by the MacCarthy family. Not only is this castle beautifully constructed, but it also has a magical element to it. Located in this castle is the Blarney Stone. What is unique about this stone is that it was a gift from a witch to the king who saved her from drowning. It is believed that if you kiss the stone upside down, you will receive the gift of eloquence. You may wonder how in the world can you kiss a stone upside down. Well, if you wish to kiss the stone, a nice gentleman will hold your legs as you hang upside over the ledge.

Now if you’re not much of a thrill-seeker but still want some luck, don’t worry… there is something for you! Near the castle, there are steps known as the wishing steps. If there is something that you want more than anything in the world, these steps are your gateway to them. According to the legend, you must walk up the stairs backwards, with your eyes closed as you repeat your wish to the top. In a year, your wish shall come true! Now, if you’re as clumsy as me no need to fear, there is a railing beautifully located on your side.

I’m sure at this point you have become enchanted with this medieval location. But, if everything I’ve spoken about hasn’t tickled your fancy, there’s one more trick up my sleeve. The Blarney Castle Gardens is a breathtaking part of this already beautiful location. The garden is over 60 acres and includes a large range of flowers. It even has a poison garden! You can truly get lost in this tranquil garden and become close to nature. Lucky enough, the Irish weather was on my side as I made my way through the garden.

This town holds so many relaxing and exciting adventures for the whole family. If there is one thing that you should see when in Ireland, it is the town of Blarney. Now, that you’ve got all the juicy details of this town, you might as well go ahead and book your ticket!

Melanie Deniel Kissing the Blarney Stone

Blarney wishing steps
Blarney Castle gardens
Blarney Castle

You’ve heard of Disney world where all dreams and wishes come true. Well, why not join me in the town of Blarney where wishes have been coming true since medieval times! And that’s what’s up on this #TrendingThursday. Check back tomorrow for one last post from my friend Mason on #FailteFridays and then see our trip recaps in the coming days!

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