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Ciao, benvenuto nel mio blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog!

My name is Amara Jerome and I will be spending this semester in Florence, Italy. I am a junior at the Mount majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology, as well as minoring in Human Services and Marketing. I decided to study abroad this semester to experience a new place and culture. I’ve travelled to the Caribbean and countries in Central America, however I’ve never been to Europe before and was enthusiastic to get to explore a different part of the world. What better way to experience a new culture than through their food and having experiences sharing a meal with a local? Hence the theme of my blog, Feasts of Florence!

Throughout my semester here my blog will focus on good food, or buon cibo as the Italians would say. I will be sharing places some of my favorite places in Florence ranging from quick late night spots to places for brunch to gelaterias and everything in between. Hopefully my recommendations will help students who come in future years or anyone planning to visit Florence.

We’ve been in Florence for about 3 weeks now and it has been full of new adventures. Some of my favorites have been visiting the Duomo, doing a wine tasting with an expert, and going to a Fiorentina v. Atalanta soccer game. Although Fiorentina lost, it was still a great experience to feel the energy in the stadium and learn all the chants. This weekend we will be going on a wine tour to Chianti in the Tuscan countryside. Stay tuned for details about that experience in my next post!

Possibly the best meal I’ve had in Florence so far we all cooked together! This past Tuesday, we went to a cooking class at Chefactory, a cooking academy here in Florence. Our aperitivo or appetizer was a vegetable flan made with potatoes, vegetables, and parmesan cooked in a bèchamel sauce. Our main course consisted of two different pasta dishes; a vegetarian option cooked with a fresh tomato sauce and ragu alla bolognese, both served with fresh pasta we made. We closed the night with a panna cotta topped with a mixed berry jelly.

Be sure to keep up with my blog #FeastsofFlorence for food recommendations and to see all the places I’ll try this semester! If you’re not already follow @MSMUtravels on Instagram to see pictures from my time here. For a more personal look into my trip follow my personal account @amarariley.

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