Florence 2020 Florence, Italy

Wandering through Florence and Barcelona this week!

Did you know that you can travel from Italy to Spain by airplane for as low as 20 euros?!!

Welcome back to my blog! I hope that you had a great week last week, and that this week is off to a great start. I am starting out my week stuck with the flu, but last week was amazing for me. I had an especially nice weekend because wandering around brought me all the way to Barcelona, Spain! It was such a good time; Barcelona has already won my heart. Before I tell you about this adventure though, I must tell you about how my week started out in Italy.

Last week started out a bit slow. A routine is starting to set in as we are closing in on our first month being here in Italy. On the school front, we had two tests in Italian class in two days, and a few writing assignments for other classes. On Wednesday, we went on a field trip to visit the Santa Croce church, an important church here in Italy not only known for its architecture, but because it is the burial site for many Italian artists, philosophers, and influencers such as Galileo, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and many more. It was quite an interesting experience to be surrounded by all these tombs. To think that people who made such a huge impact in the world that we live today were buried right underneath our feet was an idea quite hard to grasp.

According to our tour guide, the bodies were put underground in such a way that it was unlikely that the bones or remains were still in their original place. This is because of the floods that Florence has had in the past years, the most recent and most damaging being in 1966. But this fact did not take away the feeling. We also learned about St. Francis of Assisi and his family, and how he became a pious man regardless of how his family felt. One of the things that I really love about Florence is just how rich the culture is. It honestly feels like everything here has a historical background. To think that I walk past this church everyday on my way to school but did not know about its rich history and what it stands for in the hearts of the people of Florence is just one example.

On Thursday morning, my roommates and I took our backpacks and headed for Barcelona. One of the things about low fare airlines is to always pack light to avoid unnecessary charges. As much as we tried to follow the rules, we did not check in online; therefore we were charged 55 euros each to be able to do it at the airport! But, we did not let this experience ruin the rest of the weekend.

We were stunned and nearly forgot all our problems once we got Barcelona. It is such a beautiful city. I’m going to go ahead and say that I do not think that anybody that lives there is a bit stressed. Upon our arrival, we could already tell that the vibes were different. People just seemed more relaxed, the air was clean, and so was the city. There were palm trees everywhere and the weather was so great. Sixty degrees in February was just too good. The city also seemed safe. We were able to walk around at 11pm and not feel threatened. The beach was only a half hour away from our Airbnb; therefore we spent most of our time at beach when we were visiting the Sagrada Familia or other monuments. We were also able to eat the famous paella, which was so good! I have not mentioned this before, but people in Florence smoke a lot. Because of this, being in Barcelona was literally a breath of fresh air. Not that they did not smoke in Barcelona, but it was a lot less. Also, unlike Florence, not everybody spoke English, therefore I had a chance to speak my broken Spanish! My high school education really came through!

But anyways, I am going to end this blog here. I hope that you enjoyed reading about where I wandered off this week! Stay tuned for more adventures next week, and don’t forget to check out the other blogs from Florence this week!

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