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COVID-19 Update

As we keep receiving more information about COVID-19, our University keeps responding and updating us on how we are going to proceed.

As we told you in our last post, the Florence bloggers are back home from Italy and will continue blogging from home for the rest of the semester.  We will have our first post from Florence blogger Olivia go live tomorrow, Tuesday March 17.

On the Emmitsburg campus, all students have also been asked to leave campus and prepare for remote instruction starting Wednesday, March 18 until March 30. Professors had from Thursday March 12 to Tuesday March 17 to prepare to put their classes for online/remote instruction. Dr. K is preparing her classes, so she asked me if I could write this update!

And this just in: Our students studying in Ecuador will be returning to the U.S. this week, too. Once they get back to the States and settled, they will continue to blog for the remainder of the semester from home, as well. Like the Florence bloggers, they will write about their final experiences in Ecuador, along with advice for what to expect about studying abroad for a semester… hopefully not in the middle of a global pandemic.

Keep up with the Mount’s response to the corona virus on the COVID-19 Information page.

Now, more than ever, we invoke Our Lady, Queen of the Mount, Spes Nostra…pray for us and the world.

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