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Goodbye, Cuenca! #MountMartes

As you can read from the title, we are coming home from Cuenca, Ecuador. By the time this post is uploaded, we should be back in Maryland. We are leaving due to the growing pandemic that is COVID-19, and we will all miss Cuenca and Ecuador so much, as we have done so many amazing and fun things during our almost 2 months here. This week’s post will be about the last thing we did in Cuenca when we went to a spa called Piedra de Agua. It was a relaxation spa where we were able to cycle through some really amazing relaxation pools and saunas. 

When we first got to Piedra de Agua, we all got into a sauna for about 10 minutes. Then, we moved to the two clay pools that are shown in the photos. Half of us went to the red clay pool and the others to the blue clay pools, then switched. It was really cool to sit in the hot tub and have the ultimate mud bath experience. Next, we went to the hot vs. cold pools where we sat in one very hot pool for 10 minutes then transferred into a freezing cold pool. The purpose was that it helped your muscles loosen then tense back up, which was a really cool part of the overall experience because we were all excited to finally get into the cold pool after being in hot tubs for the past half hour, but then it was just freezing. This was really funny to experience with everyone. Next, we did something that I didn’t even know existed. We went to a box sauna where we sat in a box that blew out hot air, and only our heads stuck out of the boxes. After our spa experience was over, we got to enjoy an amazing lunch served by Piedra de Agua and just relax for the rest of the day in the pool. This experience was a really great final experience because we were all together and it was so relaxing and calm.

From celebrating Carnaval to going to incredible places like the Amazon and the Galapagos, our time in Cuenca has been so different than any experience that you could get in the United States. It was an incredible experience, and I am so glad I was able to see it all. Even though our time in Ecuador was cut short, I am still so grateful for all of my experiences and will continue sharing more of them as the online semester continues. #MountMartes will continue to show some of the other amazing things we got to do here in this beautiful country. I would like my posts to represent something good in everyone’s Tuesdays during this scary and nerve-wracking time that we are in. Everyone remember to be kind to one another and stay positive throughout all the negative that’s happening in this world. Look out for Tyler’s post on Thursday, and I will see you all next week for another #MountMartes.

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