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Returning Home From Italy Amidst COVID-19

So, I always considered myself a home body but… this is at another level.

Hey guys! I hope that you’re starting out your week on a good note, and that you are staying safe at home. These are surely some strange times that we are living in, but I know that we will rise above this and get rid of the virus for good.

This week’s blog is going to be about how I have been handling school and home life during this quarantine and a couple of tips on how to stay “sane” during this quarantine.

When I returned to the States at the beginning of March, I self-quarantined for two weeks before I became comfortable around others. The quarantine was hard. After being in Italy for nearly a month, and just being on the go all time, being back at home and on lock down was suffocating. To help with the boredom, I tried keeping myself as busy as I could. I cleaned out my room, and got rid of things that I no longer needed. I also started reading some books, tried practicing my coding skills, and I did some home workouts. I went on walks during the middle of the day as to avoid crowds of people. Doing all of this kept me from being bored for the two weeks that I was quarantined.

On the school front, my classes became remote for the rest of the semester as soon as the program was cancelled. I knew that I would not need to step back on campus anytime soon except for SPARC, so I was not as shaken when the President sent the email about classes being remote for the rest of the semester. So far, online schooling has been alright. Although, I must admit that I do not like online classes. I really miss being in Italy and going to classes. I miss having others to talk to about class material and having discussions about world economics in Dr. Canadas’ business class. During this time, I have learned to appreciate the little things that made up my life. 

I was very disappointed when the email about graduation being postponed came. I had looked forward to graduation for so long that it was very hard to accept it at first. It is still weird to think that this is how me and my classmates are spending the last semester of our senior year of college. Life is so unpredictable.

Anyways, I am trying to see the positive side of things here. I have seen numerous reports of how pollution has gone down, people are finally spending more time with their families, and people have the time to do the things that they never felt like they had the time to do; such as writing a book, or starting an outline for an online business. I have also taken this opportunity to start working on some projects that I had set out to do in the future. So, that has been exciting. I am also getting myself ready for the next phase of my life which is to start working full time. But first, I need to find a job.

Some tips that I have for anyone feeling bored at home now would be to make sure that they are staying active. I know it is easy to just spend the whole day watching Netflix, or Hulu, but taking the time to go on a walk makes a huge difference. I have also started doing home workouts, which are very good. The Mount’s online library also has a huge collection of books that you could read for free, so that is something that Mount students should take advantage of as well.

Anyways, that is it for this week. Please stay safe. Make sure to limit how much you go outside and clean your hands often to avoid spreading germs and possibly the virus.

Until next time!

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