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Tips For Taking Online Classes

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all are enjoying this time at home, even though it’s not how we imagined spending the rest of the semester.

When I came back on March 2, I was given a paper in the airport with instructions to self-quarantine for at least 2 weeks to make sure I didn’t show any symptoms of the Coronavirus. The Mount had sent those returning from Italy an email to make sure we adhere to these guidelines and visit a doctor before returning to campus. I was anxiously counting down the days to when myself quarantine would be up and I could visit my friends on campus but then the Mount made the decision to move online. I remember when I first came back my friends were making fun of me, saying I was on lockdown but just a few weeks later we’re all in the same position.

Adjusting to online classes was a bit easier for me considering I was doing it about a week and a half before everyone else. Although I miss hanging out with my friends in person we’ve gotten creative with ways to stay in touch. We’ve hung out over Zoom, watched movies together with Netflix Party, and are constantly texting each other to keep up with our lives.

My parents are also working from home and at the end of each day we like to do activities together to keep from getting bored. Some days we go on walks, work on a puzzle, do karaoke, or just watch a movie together. On weekends, my mom teaches me how to cook a new dish and since the weather has gotten better I’ve been helping my dad garden. It’s especially important to take breaks from schoolwork and do little things to relax because feeling like you’re stuck inside can be stressful. Take the time to do something you enjoy every day whether it’s reading a book, redecorating your room, or just binge watching your favorite show. It’s also easy to get off track and forget we still have schoolwork we need to complete. I suggest setting an alarm for the time you would normally get up if you were still on campus. That way you can still create a routine instead of waking up 5 minutes before your Zoom class. I also suggest doing your homework at a desk or some place that’s not your bed so you don’t get too comfortable or distracted when working.

Remember, it’s ok to take breaks every once in a while! If you space your days out accordingly you can devote a few hours at the end of each day to doing something enjoyable. Maybe you can learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to, start a new book, or even learn a new language. It’s completely ok if none of those things excite you and you just want to watch Netflix in your free time. Sometimes an activity can just be for fun and it doesn’t require an educational aspect.

I hope my tips will help you all get some new ideas of how to spend your free time while practicing social distancing. Remember to stay home unless you’re leaving for an essential errand! See you all next week.

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