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Pisa and Pizza

Hey guys, welcome back to #FoodieFriday! I had a super interesting week here in Italy. As my classmates have reflected on already, we recently went to Pisa and Lucca. It was not what I expected at all! Based on pictures, you would think the Leaning Tower of Pisa would be super tall, but it’s actually a lot smaller than you think. During our tour, we were told that they have not fixed the tower on purpose and have let it continue to lean because it’s a tourist attraction which I found very interesting.

This week I went to my first fancy dinner, and it was not different than what I thought it’d be. I got gnocchi for the second time in my life. It was not as good as the first time, and I would not say it was worth the money. It was about €11 which is kind of expensive for Italy. I am used to going to a restaurant and spending less than €10 for an entire meal so spending anything over €8 for an entrée is a lot to me. I think it was a good experience, but I would be okay to not do it again anytime soon.

I went to dinner with Dr. Cañadas and his family along with my roommates. We went to a cool market that was two levels. On the bottom level, you can buy produce and meats and on the top, you can order fresh meals. I ordered a Margherita pizza which is my go-to meal, and it was amazing. Pizza in Italy is super light and thin which means it is very easy to eat the whole thing and not feel bad about it.

Margherita Pizza

A place I like to go to a lot for a quick and easy meal is a place called Pino’s. They have a variety of different paninis and they are all delicious. The paninis are also pretty big which means you can get one and eat it for two meals. The owner is also super nice, and I am now friends with him along with one of the employees.

I have discovered an awesome gelato and crepe place that is about a five-minute walk from my apartment, and they are open until 10:30pm so it is a great late-night snack. My favorite gelato flavors so far are praline white chocolate and Nutella. The crepes are absolutely delicious. I definitely ate two of them within ten minutes!

That is all I have for now, but make sure to check back next week when I’ll talk about our weekend trip to Rome! We arrive today and will stay through the weekend. Can’t wait to see what foods I try there, because as they say: “When in Rome…”

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