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Celebrating My Birthday in Cagliari!

Hey everyone. I have had a great past couple of weeks! It was my 20th birthday on April 11, and luckily my mom came to visit. My mom was here for over a week so it was my job to play tour guide. I took her to see Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery, and she got to meet all of my friends and the staff at the AIFS center. Since it was my birthday, my mom took me out to lunch and dinner. We went to Pino’s for lunch since they are some of my favorite people here in Florence. They were super nice as always and were very excited to meet my mom. I told them it was my birthday and they found a candle to put in my panini and it was the cutest thing ever. I have become friends with everyone that works there; they are going to be some of the hardest people to say goodbye to.

For my birthday dinner, I took my mom to a restaurant that I went to at the beginning of the program since I wanted pasta. My mom told me I could get whatever I wanted which was the best thing for me since it meant I didn’t have to look at any prices. While looking at the menu, I noticed an antipasto, an appetizer, that sounded familiar. I looked it up and found out it was something that we had at the welcome dinner in the very beginning that I have been trying to find ever since. I immediately told my mom that we had to get. It was fried dough balls with prosciutto crudo and cheese. It is easily one of my favorite things that I have had the luxury of trying while in Italy. For my main course, I got a ragu pasta that was delicious. I also got to try my mom’s food which is always fun. After dinner, we went to get gelato at Chocolatte because they are my favorite. The flavors I got were biscotto and pastry cream while my mom got coffee.

Since I had a great time in Cagliari during spring break, my mom thought it was a good idea to go back. When we went, they were getting a lot of wind from a wind storm in Africa so it was definitely a different experience from the first time. We met up with the same tour guide from last time because he is my favorite. He set up a wine tasting and tour for us and it was super fun. He definitely had to move stuff around in his schedule for us so we might have gotten some special treatment.

I had an amazing time here in Florence, and I am incredibly sad to leave. I have made so many friends here and have lost some but it was for the best. I have grown so much as a person, and I am even going to look at options that would allow me to come back to live in Europe.

Check back soon for a trip wrap up from me and my classmates!

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