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Caminito Street Museum

One of our day trips I really enjoyed was going to Caminito located in the neighborhood La Boca in Buenos Aires. We had a bus tour around the city and stopped in this colorful neighborhood. The first thing I did was pop out my camera and take some shots all around. This was a very touristy spot known not only for the colorfully painted houses but also for tango dancing and being the hometown of soccer icon Diego Maradona. The vibrant houses were also decorated in a typical form of painting. The old typical painting form, called Fileteado Porteño, involves artistic lines, drawings, and lettering found on every corner or used to make the signs of the shops.  

This town in Buenos Aires was historically inhabited by low-income immigrants and still is today. The houses were built from discarded or found materials from the shipyard and created tenement housing. The man responsible for this famous alleyway is Benito Quinquela Martin, who was a famous painter who created the world’s first outdoor pedestrian museum. He accomplished this by savaging the old look of the conventillos with the vibrant colors and clotheslines hanging to portray how the immigrants used to live.  

After walking through the alleyway, we saw tango dancers and crowds watching and walking through the markets filled with artisan and authentic knickknacks. Artists hang and sell their artwork. I later returned here to buy souvenirs to bring home. They had all kinds of things such as leather accessories, clothes, scarves, dresses, magnets, jewelry, etc. In one of the shops, they had dulce de leche which is like their version of caramel but made with milk and much better. They had taste testings of different types, and they even had dulce de leche liquor which I sipped on. It was surprisingly good and I brought one to bring back for my family to try on Thanksgiving. 

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