Author: Kaitlin

Reflecting on my time in Florence!

Ciao Mounties! I have returned from Italy, and I am now back in my hometown. While it is so great to be home, I do miss Italy and I am eager to return in the future. When I first heard about the study abroad trip to Italy, I never imagined […]

Beaches, Volcanoes, and Rich History

Ciao Mounties and welcome back to my blog! I hope you all had a joyous Easter this past Sunday! Last weekend, I traveled to the Amalfi Coast, a place I was most looking forward to visiting. While I have been to some amazing places, this weekend quickly took the top […]

Sightseeing and Soccer Games

Ciao Mounties! Unlike last week, my weekend was anything but slow. I went to places I had previously only dreamed of seeing. From traveling from Siena to San Gimignano and exploring these historic towns, to the picturesque Cinque Terre, and cheering for the Florence soccer team, my week was spectacular! […]

A Relaxing Week Back in Florence

Ciao Mounties! After visiting Tuscany and Venice, this week felt slow and peaceful. The weather in Florence was warm and sunny, making the days feel truly like spring. This week I had the opportunity to visit Palazzo Vecchio, attend a cooking class, and go out to dinner with a great […]

Winetasting and Gondola Rides in Venice

Ciao Mounties! What an adventurous week I have had! This past week I had the opportunity to travel to the famous vineyards of Tuscany and the charming city of Venice. I strolled through the countryside of Italy sipping wine and getting a sneak peek into how wines are made at […]