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Winetasting and Gondola Rides in Venice

Ciao Mounties! What an adventurous week I have had! This past week I had the opportunity to travel to the famous vineyards of Tuscany and the charming city of Venice. I strolled through the countryside of Italy sipping wine and getting a sneak peek into how wines are made at these vineyards. In Venice, I ate gelato and went on a charming gondola ride around the streets of the city without cars.

Tuscany is the land of wine and grapes, or at least that is what I pictured before I went there. My guesses were not that far off. My classmates and I were led on a tour of decades-old wineries and shown the process of winemaking. We learned about the history of the vineyards and how the process of making the wine has changed over the years. We then had the opportunity to sample both red and white wines and enjoy a delicious lunch with four courses.

Next up was a weekend trip to Venice. Never in my life have I been to a city like Venice… everywhere you looked there were bridges and boats! The one thing that I did not see in Venice was cars. In my three days in this magical city, I never saw a car. Instead of buses, cars, and taxis, there were gondolas, taxi boats, and public boats for transportation. I was so shocked, but I will confess that traveling by boat might be my new favorite way to travel.

During my first day in Venice, I walked the streets and eventually made my way to the famous Ponte di Rialto which you may recognize if you’re a Spider-Man fan. My friends and I enjoyed some gelato and stopped in about five glass shops to admire the delicate artwork. During my weekend, I traveled to the islands of Murano and Burano. Murano is known for its glassmaking; the glass shops there were beyond compare. The island of Burano had the most colorful and bright houses I had ever seen; it was as if the island had come from a fairytale. On my last day in Venice, I went to Mass at the Basilica di San Marco, a Church with gold ceilings and walls. After Mass, I did what almost everyone dreams about doing in Venice: I went on a gondola ride! We rowed through the canals listening to Dean Martin and Nirvana. It was the perfect way to end this spectacular trip.

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