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Beaches, Volcanoes, and Rich History

Ciao Mounties and welcome back to my blog! I hope you all had a joyous Easter this past Sunday! Last weekend, I traveled to the Amalfi Coast, a place I was most looking forward to visiting. While I have been to some amazing places, this weekend quickly took the top spot with visits to Capri, Positano, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius.

After a bumpy ferry ride from Sorrento, my friends and I made it to Capri where our first stop was to a local shop for granitas, the famous lemon and orange ice slushie drink. While we enjoyed our sweet and delicious beverages, we walked to the Gardens of Augustus, a beautiful, peaceful place with breathtaking views of the island of Capri. From the balcony, I looked down at the coastline where the deep waters churned restlessly. The gardens were so beautiful that my friends and I sat there for an hour simply admiring the view and talking to one another. To end the visit to this island, we boarded a boat that took us around the island of Capri.

A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through TikTok when a video about unknown, yet beautiful places popped up on my feed showing Positano, Italy. I was immediately intrigued and started to research this beautiful village, but unfortunately, it was rather far away, and it seemed unlikely that I would be able to visit during my study abroad trip. As fate would have it, my friend sent me a link for a weekend trip to the Amalfi Coast where one of the destinations was Positano! After a treacherous bus ride with sharp turns and sudden stops, I finally arrived in Positano, a village that took my breath away. Filled with boutiques and souvenir shops, my friends and I spent the morning shopping, and we were all happily successful with our purchases. We then made our way down to the beach, where we spread out our blankets and opened up our snacks. It was peaceful, just lying there listening to music. Right before we had to leave, my friend and I decided to run into the icy waters: I could not come all the way to the Amalfi coast and not go in at least once! As we ran in, the water took my breath away from coldness and after going underwater, we quickly ran out. We then dried off and packed up to leave this beautiful place.

On the last day of the trip, I braved the icy winds and hiked up to the top of Mount Vesuvius, the famous volcano that erupted and killed the people of Pompeii. As I walked up, I was eager to see if my drawings of volcanoes as a kid were accurate when compared to a real volcano. From the top, I could see the deep hole of the volcano as streams came from the sides The air was freezing, so after taking pictures and admiring the view, my friend and I quickly ran back down and hopped on the warm bus.

We then headed to Pompeii; a city frozen in time. I walked around the preserved town, looking at the buildings and trying to imagine this city in its prime. When Pompei was uncovered, the bodies of victims were found in their homes and scientists made casts of the bodies, so as you walk through the buildings you can see the victims of Pompei right before they died. It was surreal to see the buildings and the bodies of Pompeii, everything perfectly preserved.

Our time abroad is quickly coming to a close. Check back soon for my end of trip reflection!

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