Author: Kayla

Saying goodbye to the trip of a lifetime

“All good things must come to an end,” they say. Having to leave Italy after living there for three months really made that statement hit home. Those three months went by in the blink of an eye, and I’m having a difficult time believing that it was real and not […]

A Week of New Gelato Flavors!

Ciao everyone! This week is my final week in Italy, and I’m choosing to spend it trying to eat as much gelato as possible and having fun with my amazing roommates. As I go out and walk around Florence with them, I’m keenly aware of how a mere three months […]

Exploring the Boboli Gardens

After spending an entire week trapped inside my tower of quarantine, I was finally freed Monday morning after my Covid test came back negative. Stepping out onto the street to take the test felt like passing through a portal and into a new world. After spending seven entire days by […]

Weekend In Venice

For as long as I can remember, Venice, Italy, has been the one place I’ve wanted to visit. There was just something about the streets being water and the Venetians having to get around via boats that fascinated me so much. While I was signing up to study abroad in […]