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Beautiful Cities and the Best Gelato in the World!

Over the weekend, I got to visit a few places I never thought I’d ever see: Siena and Cinque Terre. We also went to San Gimignano, where we had the chance to try the world’s greatest gelato! 

I had a lot of fun in Siena. I think it’s one of my favorite places that we’ve been to, and I wish we had spent more than just a few hours walking around. The city is so rich with history, the architecture was gorgeous, and the people seemed so nice! I would love to go back someday to see their famous horse race, located in Piazza del Campo. There are ten horses that represent the seventeen districts of the city, and a lot of us thought the districts were really cool! The seventeen districts of Siena are all based on animals, such as dragons, unicorns, she-wolves, turtles, and more. Sadly, the race only happens twice a year and it’s on July 2 and August 16; however, this is just more incentive for us to come back to Italy someday!

I also wish we had spent more time in San Gimignano: we really only had enough time to get gelato and walk around the main street. Of course, all of us stopped by two of the famous gelaterias, which offered “the best gelato in the world.” I went to Gelateria dell’Olmo and asked for the Malaga flavor. I had no idea what was in it but it looked absolutely delicious. Before I ordered, I’d asked the kind woman behind the counter what was in the Malaga. She said it was raisin and rum! It sounded very intriguing, so I went with that and I immediately wished I had gotten two scoops instead of just one. It was a very sweet flavor, and having the raisins mixed in was a bit different but I really liked it! I have been craving it ever since we left San Gimignano, but I have not seen it anywhere in Florence. 

The next day, we took a day trip to the famous Cinque Terre. It started off very cold and rainy, and most of us were ready to leave soon after we arrived. My shoes got soaking wet and at one point I couldn’t feel my toes. I was worried I might get frostbite if the cold and rain didn’t go away, but luckily it did! As soon as the sun came out, everything warmed up and dried, as if it wasn’t raining merely thirty minutes ago. 

Taking the train to each of the five villages on the coast was quite the experience! It was the same train that traveled back and forth to the villages. We saw beautiful cliffs, and many colorful buildings, we climbed almost 400 steps to have an amazing view of the ocean, and made so many new memories that we’re sure to look back on and smile!

Our two-day trips to those cities and to Cinque Terre were quite the adventure, and I’m thankful we were able to see them. I know I will think about them, their beauty, and their delicious gelato for the rest of my life! And one day, when I come back to Italy, I’ll be sure to spend more time in Siena and San Gimignano. I might even plan my next trip here around the horse races in Siena! Or I’ll just spend a day trying every single gelato flavor at Gelateria del Olmo . . .

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