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Weekend In Venice

For as long as I can remember, Venice, Italy, has been the one place I’ve wanted to visit. There was just something about the streets being water and the Venetians having to get around via boats that fascinated me so much. While I was signing up to study abroad in Italy for the semester, a trip to Venice and Verona was advertised, and of course, I had to sign up for it! That’s where I spent my weekend, and even though it wasn’t exactly as amazing as I had imagined it, I still had a lot of fun.

On Saturday, I had woke up feeling rather unwell, and we had to walk around Venice for a two-hour tour. Venice is a lot farther north than anywhere else we’ve been, so with that and it being a small island, it was very cold that morning. The last thing I’d wanted was to be walking in the cold with a terrible sore throat, one of the worst headaches I’ve had in a while, and awful body aches. However, after the tour ended I was able to meet up with two of my roommates from Florence who also came, and the three of us had a fun time walking around to look at the glass shops. I got to cross yet another thing off my bucket list when we rode in a gondola! Then, we ended the night with rose-shaped gelato!

Roses are my favorite flowers, so when my fellow blogger Aubrey Peske told me about this gelateria that makes the gelato in the shape of a rose . . . well, how could I not run to it? I was able to get two flavors, so I got cioccolata and armena, which was a black cherry flavor. I also got a yummy blueberry macaron to top the gelato! Everything about it was perfect, and it was the best way to end a rather disappointing day.

On Sunday, I was still able to enjoy our final day in Venice, even if it was freezing again and I still wasn’t feeling well. I really felt like a dead person walking, but, as my roommate put it, I was a dead person walking around in Venice! We went in and out of some more glass shops and saw the beautiful basilica, Santa Marco, but otherwise, it was virtually the same as Saturday. 

When we returned to Florence, I kept thinking about the rose-shaped gelato from Venice as I emailed AIFS to set up a doctor’s appointment. I thought it was going to just be an ear infection because my ear was hurting and I usually get one or a sinus infection around this time every year anyway. Monday morning, they told me I had to get a Covid test before they scheduled an appointment with a doctor because my symptoms could have been Covid related. 

My roommate had a few at-home tests so I took one. It came back positive. I took a second to be sure it wasn’t faulty, and that was also positive. I had to go to a pharmacy to get a PCR test. The lady who took my test had barely told me I could come back in twenty minutes when she said, “Wait wait! It’s positive.” 

So, now I’m writing this blog post while sitting in my new room for the next seven days! All things considered, I feel okay. I do have a sore throat, a cough, body aches, and I feel incredibly tired and drained. I did not, however, lose my sense of smell or taste very much. I did notice while brushing my teeth Monday morning just before taking the Covid tests that I could barely taste my usually-strong mint toothpaste, but otherwise I’m fine. 

All in all, this was a very unforgettable weekend, and I really enjoyed it despite the bumps in the road. I am sad that I’ll be spending seven of my last thirty-ish days here stuck in quarantine and that I missed the pizza-making class on Tuesday, but I am grateful that I was still able to enjoy my time in Venice and that my condition is not as bad as it could be. I’ll ( hopefully ) only be in quarantine until this Monday, and you can bet I will celebrate being Covid-free by getting some gelato!

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