Author: tess

Farwell to Ireland

I have officially been back home in the States for a month and have acclimated to life without Barry’s tea after struggling without it for so many mornings. Besides my longing for authentic Irish breakfast tea, there’s a lot I miss from my time in Dublin–mostly, the freedom of being […]

Rock On Dublin!

Oh, how time flies when you study abroad. Am I crazy or did I just write about landing in Dublin and attending a Boygenius concert? Crazy or not, it’s only fitting that my last blog in Dublin is about another of my concert-going experiences, a little full-circle moment if you […]

I’ve Got a Tape I Wanna Play

Hello everyone! For such a small country, Ireland has been the origin of many in the film industry, including Colin Farrell, Jessie Buckley, Andrew Scott and all 28 branches of the Gleeson family tree—to name a few. Irish actors and filmmakers were even the underdogs of the Academy Awards categories […]

Breakfast and a Show (All Within a Short Walk)

If you ever find yourself hungover in Ireland, a full Irish breakfast (aka full Irish fry) might be the cure you’re looking for. After putting it off for two months, I (fully sober) have finally tried an Irish breakfast and my opinion is mixed. At Taste Food Company, I had the […]