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Farwell to Ireland

I have officially been back home in the States for a month and have acclimated to life without Barry’s tea after struggling without it for so many mornings. Besides my longing for authentic Irish breakfast tea, there’s a lot I miss from my time in Dublin–mostly, the freedom of being in another country with friends who’re up for whatever spontaneity the day holds. However, the reminders I get of Ireland are also quite spontaneous. 

Just the other day my parents and I finished watching the newest episode of Survivor on CBS (a tradition I missed while I was away in Ireland) when an episode of The Amazing Race came on the TV directly after. Would you believe that the teams were competing in Dublin for the episode? I apologize to my parents for shouting in excitement and pointing at the television whenever Amazing Race Host, Phil Keoghan, announced where the contestant’s next challenge was. They went to the Gaiety Theater, Dún Laoghaire, Croke Park, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral–all places I’ve been and have photos of. 

Also, whenever my favorite artists announce that they’ll be playing in Dublin, there is a part of me that thinks, “Why couldn’t they have been there when I went?” *cough* *cough* Ethel Cain. Then I must remind myself that I wouldn’t have changed anything about my time abroad, not even being graced by the presence of Mother Cain herself. 

With the holidays coming up, I know I’m going to be asked “How was Ireland?” at various Christmas parties. I’ll respond with one of the three responses, “good,” “great,” or “amazing.” These are all true, but there’s so much more to my time in Ireland than trying to fit it in a five-minute exchange with a relative. Since it’s hard to boil down my semester abroad into a timed business pitch, showing my scrapbook comes in handy. As a final project for one of my classes, I made a scrapbook that encapsulates my time in Ireland (class excursions, cities traveled to, etc.). My scrapbook, these blog posts, and my travel journal are all helpful mediums for me to look back on and share with others (if you’re reading this, thank you for being a part of this). 

Some photos that made it into the scrapbook


I will end on this–If you or someone you know is contemplating studying abroad at The Mount, I definitely recommend catching up on me and my fellow blogger’s posts. You can find our experiences with culture shock, traveling, and navigating our way through a life-changing semester–everything you need to know before embarking on a study abroad program. 

Thank you for putting up with my niche opinions and reading what I have to share!

Slán leat,


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