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Rock On Dublin!

Oh, how time flies when you study abroad. Am I crazy or did I just write about landing in Dublin and attending a Boygenius concert? Crazy or not, it’s only fitting that my last blog in Dublin is about another of my concert-going experiences, a little full-circle moment if you will. 

Throughout my time here in Ireland, I’ve been listening to Medium Build’s EP “Health” released earlier this year. Of course, I had to get tickets for his first-ever concert in Ireland, which just so happened to be across the river Liffey. The concert took place in the Academy 2 (located in The Academy’s basement). The Academy 2 is like the Academy’s little sibling who is banished to the basement because their older, cooler friends are coming over. 

My friends and I received wrist stamps and were led upstairs to the surprisingly spacious venue. I kept thinking, “Medium Build must have a strong base of Irish fans—there’s a lot of people in here.” It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that Medium Build does not have a lot of Irish fans, we were just waiting for the wrong concert to start. Indie artist Matt Maeson’s concert was on the mainstage of the Academy, while Medium Build was set to take the stage three floors below us.


Me, Rosie, and Erin at the wrong stage

This concert experience was very different than seeing Boygenius at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham–it was intimate, grungy and protected from the wet Irish weather. Nick’s (Medium Build’s government name) voice took on the pain in his scream ballads “Misery” and “Rage,” resonating throughout the small crowd. He must’ve had a few pints before hitting the stage because he was eager to practice his Irish accent in front of the crowd. Besides his attempt to warm up the crowd with his impressions, Nick sounded better live than on his recorded tracks. 

Unlike the Boygenius concert, The Academy was too busy pouring pints for middle-aged Irishmen to serve food. I was craving anything but pub food. If I ate another chunky chip or fried fish, I would’ve taken the first Aer Lingus flight back to the States. With this in mind, my friends and I got Thai food before the concert. Just a five-minute walk away from The Academy is Thai Basil which specializes in authentic Thai dishes and offers gluten-free versions of certain menu items. I ordered the gai pad med mamuang (cashew chicken) with an iced Thai tea–the chicken’s spice level caught me off guard, so I relied on my Thai tea to cool off my mouth. The spice lingered, so for dessert I ate the mango sango (tapioca pudding) and revived my tongue.

We had a great last excursion that, in a way, connected us back to our first—good food, live music, and exceptional company. I am sad to leave Dublin, but I’m glad I got to rock out one last time.

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