Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mate is a national infusion consumed in Paraguay, Uruguay and especially Argentina. This drink can be traced back to the native Guarani people from the area. This infusion is brewed from the leaves of a small tree from the native holly tree. Mate has a few components, including the mate […]

A Passport Stamp!

I haven’t traveled much, so I was disappointed I did not get a passport stamp from Argentina when we arrived in the country. I finally got my passport stamped when the group spent a whole day in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay! As a group, we took the subway to get […]

Iguazu Falls

The highlight of my Argentine adventures was visiting one of the seven natural wonders of the world: Iguazu Falls. I packed for a weekend trip to the Misiones province of Argentina. I happened to be the only girl who went on this trip, but the guys were fun and I […]

Walking Tour of Downtown

Still new to the city, our group event in our second week in Argentina was a walking tour of downtown Buenos Aires. We met at the satellite university Expanish building where we had our classes offered by the program and the Mount. I personally took two classes there: “Political Science: […]

Caminito Street Museum

One of our day trips I really enjoyed was going to Caminito located in the neighborhood La Boca in Buenos Aires. We had a bus tour around the city and stopped in this colorful neighborhood. The first thing I did was pop out my camera and take some shots all […]