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Iguazu Falls

The highlight of my Argentine adventures was visiting one of the seven natural wonders of the world: Iguazu Falls. I packed for a weekend trip to the Misiones province of Argentina. I happened to be the only girl who went on this trip, but the guys were fun and I would not change a single thing.  We met up around 3 a.m. to Uber to the airport where I was sardined in the backseat with the other guys and the one lucky guy got the front seat because he was tall. We had some complications which our tickets and we almost missed our flights! After about a 2hr flight we arrived at Iguazu. A bus was waiting for us to take us to the hotel where we ate breakfast and attempted to check in early. That didn’t work so we went on the bus tour to see the 3 borders of Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil. It was a beautiful hot day, and I could not believe I was so close to these countries. After this tour, we went back to the hotel, but our rooms were still not ready so were patiently waited in the lounge where each of the 5 of us occupied a different couch. Since we didn’t barely go any rest, we inevitably fell asleep in the open lounge. When I went to ask about our rooms, they were finally ready. We looked homeless for like 2hours, and we later laughed about this. We all napped, and the guys later went to the pool. In the evening we went to a town square where there was another market filled with vendors selling all types of items. I got brought myself a leather belt that the vendor fitted to me and made the holes for the buckle. We later went back to the hotel where we ate dinner.


The next morning it was raining, and this was a bummer because we going to be outside all day to see the falls. We brought ponchos and made it work. We entered the park and followed the trails to the different falls. We were of course going to get wet, but we got cool pictures because the colors were so strong. The most uncomfortable feeling was the puddles in our shoes. We saw the South American raccoon called coati roaming around. The different vegetation and fish from walking over the walkways. After walking through the trail, we went to a buffet-style restaurant in the park, and we tried to dry off under the hand dryers. Then we headed toward a boat ride excursion where we carefully put away our belongings in a waterproof bag they provided, and it took us along the falls. This was super fun! The ride even showered us not once but twice with the falls! If we were wet before now, we were drenched! We got back to the hotel where we showered, ate dinner and later headed to the airport to go back to Buenos Aires.   

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